I’m researching two books. The first book, on personal finance, is geared toward helping single-income Christian families get out of debt, get into a good place with their finances, build wealth, and get a lot of flexibility in their lives. I’m starting to get a good sense of how to frame things, what trips people up, and what path I’ll coach people through in the book.

The second book is a big-idea theology book on the biblical covenant. I’ve got a long ways to go on this one, because (a) I still have a lot of research to do on the idea itself, and (b) I want to figure out how to write/position it to be a useful book, a problem-solving book, not just a doorstop.

Fewer typesetting jobs

I’m not taking on any new typesetting clients, and letting go of some. My schedule is just too full, and I want to have more time for my family. I’m deploying the “Hell Yeah or No” principle to Do Fewer Things.


Our house is done being painted and we’re moving back in! Such a great feeling to be home. Everything’s beautiful and white.


I was creating a user-friendly epub boilerplate, but abandoned the project for now because Standard Ebooks is doing a vastly superior job and I’d rather take some time to figure out if there’s a way to leverage their work, which I don’t have right now.

Updated June 5, 2024.