My wife and I just had a new baby, so I’m taking some time away from my day job to spend with the family. Lots of time visiting with the baby, playing with the kids, and doing things I wouldn’t normally have time to do. It’s nice living more slowly . . . I’ve got to figure out how to incorporate this into my life more.


My work on my finance book has slowed quite a bit, but I’ve still had a conversation or two. I’ve been asked to put together a worksheet that one couple can work through. This is great, since this will form the first draft of the book.

I’m also still working through very slowly my covenant studies. Right now I’m thinking through the nature of kingship in the Hebrew Scriptures, and continuing meditate and ruminate on the prophet/priest/king distinction.


Right now it’s summertime - and so hot. I’m looking forward to fall very much.

Updated July 6, 2024.