What I’m up to now

Family & Work

My family and I moved back to North Alabama in Summer 2020, after living in Central Alabama for about two years. In September 2021, I took a new role at RoleModel Software as a Product Designer. I’ve really growing and thriving in my UI/UX skills and looking forward to what the future holds there.

I’ve pared down a lot of my book design work this year simply because I can. I’m only taking on projects for clients that I really want to work with/on. This gives me more time for doing my own hobby typesetting work, spending time outdoors with my family, and reading or writing.


Right now, I’m slowly easing into my life calling: developing a covenantal understanding of abuse, trauma, and healing (to oversimplify it). My current reading involves reading carefully through books on the Biblical covenant, since that’s the starting point. I’m thinking about ways of posting my findings similar to how Scott Young posts his “Complete Guides,” but we’ll see.

Last updated: March 25, 2022

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